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Updates to newsletters, subscriptions, and stuff…

Updates to newsletters, subscriptions, and stuff…

I’ve added some proper subscription stuff so y’all now have a cool way of subscribing to this blog and/or its comments, you can log-in to post comments with social networking sites and wordpress.com and shit like that.

Some of you have already signed up for the newsletter which I’m hoping you can give me some feedback on – what you’d like to see in it – but if you want to keep up-to-date with blog posts and (if you want) discussions happening on the site then now’s your chance.


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I know, I’m too damned nice.

Had a spot of rain in the valley earlier, sneezed and shat my jeans cos of meds and too much coffee, one of my neighbours got burgled by some smackrat with a knife at eleven o’clock this morning but it’s brightened up, I’ve had shower and some toast, and put a wash in; I’ve worked on the show, worked on the website , worked on Workshy (more to follow soon), worked on booking some gigs, and caught up with some friends.

Valley Fabulous.

Wes x