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Up all night again…

Up all night again…
Damn it, I’ve been up all night again. I shudder to think what Moodscope will make of it.
I feel like shit. I’ve not taken 30mg of Mertazipine and not slept before. The time has flown by cos I’ve been spaced out and giddy. I feel a little drunk or high but not in a nice. My limbs feel weak, especially my legs, I have no grip strength to speak of and I’ve struggled to get around the house without bumping into and breaking shit. Some would say I’m always like that but this is much worse – and now my Spidey Sense is starting to tingle. I’ve dealt with that empty-hungry feeling you get when you’ve not had your quota of kip and I’m ok. I’ll be ok. I’ll get myself a couple of hours this morning and treat myself to a walk into town for a bacon sarnie. Probably not wise to drive when I’m like this, anyway.
If I can get some sleep. I’ll be working on the Valley Fabulous podcast this afternoon and then off to watch Matt Price’s final preview before Edinburgh at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. I urge you to be there, it’s a belter of a show. I’ll be working on the album this weekend, going through all of the recorded material from twelve years of stand-up and ranting into my voice recorder should be fun. It’ll be worth it, though. I’m going to rip all of the audio, cut it into tracks, clean it all up in the studio, add some commentary (I won’t insult you by pretending it’s one polished take), check it all makes sense and then put it on the ‘net for sale and maybe a short run of CDs and (hopefully) vinyl.
The good news is that while cleaning up my external drive, I found the video we recorded at The Duke, Neath, the last time I made a comeback. I may cut it up but I may upload it in its entirety. I’ll have a natter with Hugh and see what he says.

Look after yourselves today. It’s hot in the valley and I smell revolution in the air.

Wes x