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40% Happy

40% Happy

40% Happy is my show. It’s the show I’ve been thinking about all my life but only consciously in the last few months.

It’s about my life, my career, my many and various jobs and the people I had to put up with; it’s about my comedy career (for what it is) and the people I have to put up with; it’s about growing pains, my depression, my divorce, my redundancy, and my recovery (for what it is) and the people I have to put up with. It’s about finding out, accepting, and embracing who and what I am – and who I won’t be any longer.

It’s about growing up and calming down, about no longer being the Angry Welshman who raged his way onto the Welsh comedy scene back in 2005 – an age ago now.

And it’s about a day-trip to a monkey sanctuary in South Wales…

The show launched to positive audience feedback at The Neath Comedy Festival, 2018, at The Duke, Neath, and is being furtherdeveloped before being taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019 (fingers crossed).

I’m starting now because my demons and my depression may well get the better of me from time to time and I want to give myself the best chance of success.

Wes x

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