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Live at The Duke, Neath Comedy Festival, 2012

Live at The Duke, Neath Comedy Festival, 2012

We thought we’d lost this but I couldn’t sleep last night so I did some spring-cleaning of my external hard drive and found it in some weird folder I would never have looked in otherwise. This show was supposed to be the culmination of everything I’d done up to that point (within reason) and a kick-start to my ailing comedy career. The best laid plans, eh?

Still, it’s the full version of what I did at the Cardiff Comedy Festival so if you’d like to see almost an hour of Wes in a rock club in Neath, be my guest.

Comedy is my job now, my life and my livelihood. If you could see your way clear to giving me a like or a share, I’d ‘ppreciate it.


Wes xx

p.s. Extra special thanks to Hugh Griffiths and Sam Bees for the camera work and prompting. Thanks lads xx