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Well, here goes…

I hate asking people for help. It really sticks in my throat. That’s why my career is in the state it’s in: I don’t make friends based on what they can do for my career, I don’t try to climb on people and I hate asking for help. The freedom to ask for help was humiliated out of me in junior school and I’ve struggled ever since. I’ve begun turning it to my advantage recently, though, carving out a career in stand-up comedy that I can build on and hopefully a few other ventures that will keep you laughing and me fed.

At the moment I’m working on a retrospective stand-up comedy album and a new show, 40% Happy, for Edinburgh 2019; I’m working on the Valley Fabulous podcast that should be dropping soon, the Whack Turkey album with Dai and Lee and some mental health campaigning that is starting to take shape. I’m working my ass off but barely surviving.

Then there’s this:

I’ve never done a full Edinburgh run. I’ve been extremely lucky to have had some incredible experiences as a stand-up comic but Edinburgh is the one thing I’ve not done yet that I’d really like to do. If I don’t manage to earn enough to do a proper Edinburgh run then I’ll do the Free Fringe. I’m going to Edinburgh if I

Soooooooooo…I’m going to work on some Patreon stuff soon so you can hang around to purchase some Wes Packer/Valley Fabulous goodies if you want to, or…

If you enjoy what I do, you can now leave me a tip…

I’d like to put a lot of content out for free. I’ll take a job to survive if I have to, I’m not trying to wangle an easy life here, but if you’ve enjoyed a live show, the YouTube clips, or the blog and would like to kindly leave me a little something to keep me in sandwiches then you can do so using one of the methods below.

Cheeky, I know. Personally, I’ll be happy if you just come and see a live show. That’s where it’s at. I’m working on booking a series of gigs and will have some to announce soon.

Thank you, though. For however you support me: word of mouth, coming to shows, leaving comments, sharing, liking, tipping, or just the odd pat on the back or word of encouragement…

Thank you.

Take care,

Wes x

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