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Depression Busting Fail…

Depression Busting Fail…

I failed to bust my depression. Oh well. I was supposed to attend the session at Too Good To Waste in Ynyshir this morning but couldn’t get out of bed. I decided to go to The Pop Factory this afternoon, felt ok with that, and hapilly got some work done.

At twelve-thirty, I left for Porth. It’s hot in the valley today. Tempers are fraying. I couldn’t find anywhere to park, drove around Porth a few times, had an anger attack which turned into a panic attack which resulted in me almost running someone over, I was in such a mess.

Fuck it, said I, and now I’m having a coffee in Dom’s in Treorchy. Everyone is ok but maybe 52% was optimistic.

I’m happy enough, though. I used to come to Dom’s on my lunch break as a schoolboy. The place hasn’t changed a bit.

This life shit is harder than it looks, some days. Look after you and yours.

Wes x