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What a day…

What a day…

“It’s been a funny day,” as Arkwright would say…

I take depression day by day. It’s the only way I can stay on top of it. Some days are better than others, I’m sure you can relate, and some days just seem to stick around forever…

The days I hate are the ones that start out ok and which, with careful handling and not some luck, approach good by around mid-day but which then quickly sour, turn cold, or suddenly explode, and turn white hot. Today was a hot day.

I started the day poorly but quickly improved, emotionally and physically. By noon I was having a good day. I’d done a lot of work, some blogging, and had decided to start attending a new Depression Busting course in Porth.

The best laid plans…

I got to Porth for one o’clock to find no parking spaces. I drove around the one-way system, narrowly avoiding a pedestrian, other people and all manner of road-fuckery. I completely lost my shit and pulled the car over in Dinas to cool down. I was in tears, my hands hurt from gripping the wheel, and my Spidey Sense was screaming HEADACHE!!!

I was far too hot for a fat lad and was sweating like ___. I needed my mammy, alright? So I thought, “fuck it. I’ll go and have a brew with ma.”

And I fucking did.

I called into Dom’s – The Station Cafe – in Treorchy for an old-school frothy coffee and a quality calm down. I ended up doing some blogging – fortunately, I’d taken my laptop with me due to some day-time B&E skullduggery we’ve had ’round here of late – and chatting with the old boys in the cafe, no doubt still smarting over the smoking ban.

Lovely to see the old place hasn’t changed. Valley Fabulous. I heard some truly terrible old jokes and one that was pretty damned good, fair play, and had another brew.

Called in to see mam, then. The old man was up in Builth watching the Royal Welsh so I texted him and told him that mam said if he brought another sheepdog home he was gonna need a bigger fucking shed.

He didn’t see it until he’d got home.

Good to see mam and dad at any time but especially when you’ve had a shithouse of a day. We had a chat and a laugh and I’m home now and everything is A-Ok. I’ve got some good Apple-and-something squash, I’ve had a chat with Matt and Dai, and I’m having a read.

The Good News Is…

Only one person turned up for the course today. He must have walked up. They all agreed to start again next week so I get another crack. Phew! I may yet bust this depression…



Matt Price is doing the last preview of his show, “Last Night A Weegie Saved My Life”, at Sherman Theatre Cardiff this Friday, then he’s off to Edinburgh. If you can’t be there on Friday then I hope you’ll join me in wishing him well. This is a most excellent – and his most personal – show and I is well worth catching if you’re up in Edinburgh during the Fringe.

Early night, tonight.

Wes x

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