'Cos we can all be a c*nt sometimes.

A Perfect Example…

Last night I was supposed to appear at Drones Comedy Club at Chapter Arts Centre. BBC Wales were due to be there to film my segment for a piece we’re working on for BBC Wales Live.

Couldn’t do it. Pulled out.

Everyone involved knew this could be the case, I’m kinda struggling on the performance front at the moment, so it’s not a huge problem (I hope) but it still sucks ass. Once again, I’m kicking my own arse and doing another round of sorries. My sincere apologies to everyone involved and to anyone who came to see me (apparently, a small number of people do actually come out specifically to see me from time to time, which I appreciate.)

But you have to protect yourself. If I’d tried to get on stage last night it would have made me ill and I’m done with forcing myself to do things I’m not ready for. I’m hugely disappointed but that’s easier to deal with than the alternative.

I’ve booked a short spot in Cardiff next week to try out some brand-new, very-early-work-in-progress stuff. I’ll let you know the details closer to the date, when I’m confident I’m not going to pull out again…



p.s. I’m ok. Thanks for asking. It’s because I haven’t forced myself to do something I wasn’t ready to do that I’m sat here on this sunny Saturday morning, drinking a coffee and talking to you; feeling guilty rather than broken. Think on…