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63% Happy!!! Duw, duw, duw…

63% Happy!!! Duw, duw, duw…

63%??? Surely not?

According to tonight’s MoodScope score, I am currently 63% Happy.


I’ve worked hard and learned lessons today. Dropped a clanger with the blog earlier so some of you got mailed an incomplete blog post. Sorry ’bout that. If this one doesn’t turn into a diatribe then I’ll try to finish that one tonight. If not, first thing. Promise.

Podcast News

My mate Gareth a.k.a. HippyTaff came ’round today to chew the fat for the upcoming Valley Fabulous podcast. We got about four hours of stuff so that should be enough to keep us all entertained once Hugh and I have put the scissors across it.

Stay tuned…

Better Photos!!!

I took some photos for the blog with the used Canon (yeah, you read that right) that Hayley gave me to play with. I’ve wanted to be a photographer since I was a kid – did my GCSE work-experience with John Newman in Penygraig – but I’ve never been able to justify the cost of a DSLR. The closest I came was a Fuji FinePix bridge camera that was cool, and great for learning on but, sorry Fuji, this is my new favourite bestest thing.

To give it a test, I made a mid-century brew…


Bloody self-facilitating media node, I am!

63%, eh? Duw, duw, duw…

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